My Dogs

"I’ve always been mad on animals, dogs in particular. Which probably explains why I’ve got five.  I couldn’t imagine life without them."

Paul O'Grady* Find out more about my dogs


Age: 3 years old

Breed: Maltese

Sex: Female

Personality: She is a bit of tomboy, a free spirit but very affectionate.

Likes: She likes chasing anything (rabbits, squirrels and chickens) and sleeping on someone's lap.

Dislikes: Getting up in the morning.

Most endearing characteristic: She loves a cuddle.

Funniest moment: When she fell into a large food bag while trying to help herself to food and couldn't get out without help.



Age: 13 years old

Breed: Cairn Terrier

Sex: Female

Personality: Quite independent and can be bossy!

Likes: She likes food, an audience, walks, meeting people and new canine friends.

Dislikes: Being bathed after a walk!

Most endearing characteristic: Very affectionate but only on her own terms.

Funniest moment: Her vocal range when she meets and greets new people.



Age: 12 years old

Breed: Border Collie

Sex: Female

Personality: She is quite focused, busy and territorial.

Likes: A project - chasing a tennis ball, guarding a squeaky toy, checking up on her human family and pretending to be a wolf at times!

Dislikes: Fireworks or any loud noises.

Most endearing characteristic: Sleeping with her tongue hanging out.

Funniest fact: She is scared of sheep!



Age: 5 years old

Breed: Bischon/ShiTzu

Sex: Male

Personality: He is fun, playful and still puppyish!

Likes: Treats, biscuits and anything edible (just about anything in fact!) and cuddles.

Dislikes: Being ignored when he is talking to you.

Most endearing characteristic: He can sit for hours leaning against the wall of the house watching the world go by.

Funniest moment: Boycie likes stealing paper or the belt of my dressing gown/socks and running off hoping to be chased!



Age: 6 years old

Breed: Chihuahua/Jack Russell cross

Sex: Male

Personality: Top dog (he wishes!)

Likes: He likes chasing a tennis ball, yapping at nothing in particular in the garden, or chilling in his cat house and generally mooching around the garden.

Dislikes: Not getting his own way.

Most endearing characteristic: A big personality in a very small package.

Funniest moment: Tackling a black Labrador in full flight to get the tennis ball - he didn't get it!